GTP Code

The European GTP Code main purpose and structure

The GTP Code, to be applied voluntarily, constitutes a progress tool supporting collection, storage, trading and transport operators in the day-to-day management of the food and feed safety; it was written by and for collection, storage and trade professionals, in collaboration with the other parties concerned (partners of the industry, control administrations etc.) to help them to:

Comply with good hygiene practices relating to operating sites, premises, equipment, transport, waste and staff.

Identify risks which have a decisive influence on the consumer's safety and establish appropriate procedures for controlling them based on the principles of the H.A.C.C.P. system (hazard analysis, critical control points).

The CODE is built around 4 complementary and autonomous modules allowing us to identify the covered activities carried out by one or more operators themselves or by a sub-contractor:




Dispatch / delivery including road, river, sea or rail transport

Publication of GTP Code version 1.3A - April 2014

 GTP Code V1.3A

Annex 1 - HACCP: The method and examples

Annex 2 - Establishing the scales for analysing hazards - examples

Annex 3 - The hazard factsheets - examples

Annex 4 - Acronyms and abbreviations

Annex 5 - Regulatory references

Annex 6 - Recognised standards and legislation for sampling and analysis


Aflatoxin protocol

Please find below the latest version of the Aflatoxin B1 protocol