GTP Certification (lo longer in use)

Placing on the market safe food and feed products is first and foremost a question of good management practices at each stage of the feed and food chain from primary production to final processing. It is therefore the responsibility of each operator in the feed and food chain to implement good practices in order to ensure the safety of the goods that he handles.

Regulation (EC) No 183/2005 on feed hygiene as well as Regulation (EC) No 852/2004, on the hygiene of foodstuffs acknowledge the positive contribution of good hygiene practices to achieve the objectives laid down in the EU food and feed safety legislation and encourages the development of national or Community guides to good practice by food and feed business sectors, in consultation with any interested party.

The European GTP Code proposes good hygiene practices for operators whose activity consists of collecting, storing, trading and transporting cereals, oilseeds, protein crops and other plant products as well as by-products resulting from them intended to be used as food and/or feed by professional users (farmers or stock breeders), manufacturers of primary processing (maltsters, millers, feed compounders etc.) or other traders.

The CODE is applicable to all operations from receipt through to dispatch of the above mentioned goods and it covers all food and feed operators carrying out the mentioned activities included within its scope, namely any first-stage trading operator on the domestic or intra-Community market as well as trading with third countries.

The CODE is not applicable to farmers with own storage facilities as their activities are subject to the primary production guide and related activities. Nevertheless, farmers with storage facilities are welcome to voluntarily apply the good hygiene practices described in the GTP CODE.

Road Transport Activities alone cannot be certified under the GTP Code.

The GTP Code does not cover the commercial characteristics of the products as they are an integral part of the contractual provisions. The European code of good practice for collecting, storing, trading and transportingof feed and food ingredients is a public document and its content is freely available to any feed/food materials operator.

The GTP certification scheme consists of the following documents:

a) Code to good practice

b) Rules of Certification


Please note that the GTP code will be valid till June 2022 (for the remaining certificates still valid). In order to mantain the certificate, companies are requested to adopt the new EFISC-GTP Code (scope G and F).

Supporting documents are available here.