European Code 4.0 to good practice for the collection, transport, storage, trading and industrial manufacturing of safe feed/food materials (applicable as of 15 March 2019)

This document provides the requirements for the operatorís feed/food safety management system, prerequisite program and HACCP implementation, documentation and traceability.

EFISC-GTP Gatekeeper protocol

As a result of the harmonization activity with all other mutually accepted scheme owners, a new protocol about Gatekeeping rules for feed and specific requirements for by-products from the Oil & Fat Industry has concluded its internal evaluation process.

The document contains 5 parts, between brackets you find the implementation dates:

- gatekeeper requirements for unprocessed feed material (June 2020, if contracts signed before publication date of 30 July 2019 and limited to the limitations due to the country of origin: see details in the enclosed document)

- gatekeeper requirements for processed feed material (for new contracts signed as of 1 January 2021)

- gatekeeper requirements for palm (Kernel) oil (crude, refined and/or fractionated) (December 1, 2019)

- gatekeeper requirements for former foodstuff (December 1, 2019)

- specific requirements for by-products from the Oil & Fat Industry (December 1, 2019)

In general, the new gatekeeping rules will affect EFISC-GTP companies certified against the GTP 1.3A, EFISC 3.1 and EFISC-GTP 4.0 code. In the new gatekeeping document, you will also find the implementation dates (day from which the rules become mandatory) and specifies which code is impacted by the changes (GTP 1.3A, EFISC 3.1 and EFISC-GTP 4.0).

The Codes (GTP 1.3A, EFISC 3.1 and EFISC-GTP 4.0) have been amended to reflect the changes.