The EFISC-GTP team

EFISC-GTP Aisbl manages and promotes the EFISC-GTP scheme with the support and contribution from the sector organisations COCERAL, Starch Europe, FEDIOL, EBB, Euromalt and their manufacturers.

Through the daily experience, support and the commitment to the implementation of the sector organisations, the EFISC-GTP schemes develop as a living, up to date, feed/food safety management systems and so, strenghten the feed/food safety culture at operators' level at the different manufacturing locations in the European Union and abroad. The EFISC-GTP technical committee works in close cooperation with the COCERAL, Starch Europe, FEDIOL, EBB and Euromalt technical committees.

Sabina Schwarz, ADM




Secretary General
Nathalie Lecocq, FEDIOL


Deputy Secretary General
Jamie Fortescue, Starch EU



Board of Directors


Odette van Mackelenbergh Viterra Quality and Sustainability Manager
Mathieu Drancourt Roquette Freres Quality Manager
Paulo Tavares
Food Safety and Quality Manager EMEAI
Martin Courbier

Bundesverband Agrarhandel e.v.

Managing Director
Isabelle Lemarié Saipol Quality Director
Guy De Bruyne
Tereos  QSE Manager
Andreas Sommer Bunge Director Government Affairs
Elodie Rubio Cargill Raw Material Regulatory Lead

Daily Management

Fulvio Pernice
EFISC-GTP Manager     Manager  

Technical Committee


Odette van Mackelenbergh Viterra/Het Comité Quality and Sustainability Manager  
Beate Dahl Bunge Quality Manager  
Karine Baert
Roquette Freres Globar Customer Quality Assurance Manager  
Gill Barrow
AIC Technical Manager

Helene Bouvry Senalia  Qualit and Safety Manager  
Ignatio Areal Cargill Raw Materials & Silos Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Manager  
Kris Eyckman Euromalt Quality Manager  
Sabina Schwarz ADM Quality Manager  
Catalina Castillo
Tereos Syral Quality Assurance Manager  
Thomas Hofmann C. Thywissen Quality Manager  
Uwe Schiemann J. Müller Agri  Managing Director  
Ingrid Passier ADM Quality Manager  
Gregory Strullu Louis Dreyfus Company Quality Manager  
Mathieu Drancourt  Roquette Freres Quality Manager  
Gianluca Nurra Coceral Technical Manager  
Sanneli Kingma MVO Food and Feed Safety  
Sophie Koopman  Tereos Syral Quality Engineer  
Stanislav Matula Tate and Lyle Plant Manager