Certification Bodies

Certification Bodies providing third party certification of the EFISC-GTP scheme have to be accredited against ISO:IEC 17021 supplemented by ISO/TS 22003 (food safety management system). In addition certification Bodies have to include the schemes within one year within their accredited activities.

This combination provides the guarantee for an objective, independend conformity assessment at the highest standard with qualified auditors, well trained for the specific sector.

The EFISC-GTP certification system works with a three year cyclus, requiring a full audit every 12 months.

EFISC-GTP includes, on top of the annual audit, an unannounced audit programme with a focus on good hygiene practices.

The certification body has the possiblity to perform the audit in combination with recognised food (FSSC 22000. BRC, IFS, ISO 22000) or feed safety schemes in order to reduce time and cost. Please see the rules of certification for more details.

Only accredited and licensed certification bodies are entitled to certify operators in compliance with EFISC-GTP.