The agreement with QS covers all activities under the EFISC scope (or EFISC-GTP, scope D) - manufacturing of feed materials- for the following sectors:

  •     Vegetable oils and protein meal processing
  •     Starch processing
  •     Biodiesel processing from vegetable oils (crude and refined glycerine)

For the delivery into the QS system the EFISC certified operator (or EFISC-GTP, code version 4.0, scope D) has to sign a scheme agreement with QS: see Annex 1 below. Please note that there are no additional cost for the operator, because another procedure has been agreed upon between EFISC-GTP and QS.

QS works with a positive list of feed materials. Under the EFISC- QS agreement we have agreed on "Annex 2 - List of feed materials in the scope of this recognition". The products listed can be delivered to the QS certified feed manufacturer.

The EFISC certified operator (or EFISC-GTP), registered in the QS database, has the option to make use of the QS certification mark. Please see Annex 9 below for the specific requirements.

Requirements for manufacturers of deodestillates, fatty acid destillates and soapstock

Producer of fatty acid distillates from physical refining, deodestillates from chemical refining and soapstock (salts from fatty acids) must perform a batch-related positive release sampling of their final products before they are market. That means that these products may be marketed only if acceptable examination results are available on certain parameters provided to the customer. The parameters for the positive release sampling are Dioxin, Dioxin-like PCB, Non-dioxinlike PCB, Nickel (When nickel is used in the production process, it has to be analyzed additionally), Pesticides and PAH.

There are no further additional requirements.