Feed/Food Safety Incident and Crisis Management

For this purpose, in addition to the requirements on EFISC-GTP crisis management, a “Feed/food Safety Incident and Crisis Management Procedure version 2.0” has been initiated. The document contains the scenario for the adoption of measures and communication in the event of a feed/food safety incident and/or crisis.

If the EFISC-GTP feed/food business operator (certified against the EFISC-GTP Code version 4.0) becomes aware of or has reasons to suspect a feed/food safety incident he shall follow the steps as described in the producere in order to control and manage the incident, minimize its impact and quarantee feed/food safety.

Together with the operator, the Certification Body shall also take appropriate steps to assess the situation and shall take appropriate action.

The Certification Body shall inform EFISC-GTP about the result of this assessment and further progress as the decision concerning the operator’s certificate.

During each regular audit, the auditor shall verify whether a feed/food safety incident has occurred or not.