EFISC documents (no longer in use)

The European code of good practice for the industrial manufacturing of safe feed materials is a public document and its content is freely available to any feed materials operator.

The EFISC feed safety management system consists of the following documents:

a) Code to good practice for safe feed materials (general requirements)

b) Sector specific documents (products, hazards, processes, risk assessments and control measures)

c) Sector codes of practice on specific issues

Translations of the Code and sector documents in all EU languages are available in the "European Guide" section

Be aware that for delivery to OVOCOM and QS customers some extra requirements are in place under the mutual recognition agreement. 



The sector specific documents are an integral part of the EFISC feed safety system, developed by the responsible European feed materials producing sector organisations in cooperation with the EFISC technical committee. Codes of practice referred to in the sector documents are a component of the EFISC feed safety management system.

Running side by side, a parallel and independent certification system is in place as described in the Rules for Certification. As of the 15 February 2015 version 3.1 of the EFISC Rules of Certification is applicable.

Participation in the EFISC auditable system is based on voluntary commitment.