About us

The European Feed and Food Ingredient Safety Certification Aisbl (EFISC-GTP), a non- profit organisation based in Brussels, administers the EFISC-GTP Code.

In close cooperation with its members, the European sector organisations COCERAL, FEDIOL, Starch Europe, EBB and Euromalt, EFISC-GTP is in a continuous process of improvement in line with emerging/ new relevant technological, scientific and legislative developments in the relevant sectors.

EFISC-GTP offers an open platform for dialogue to the feed/food ingredients business operators to exchange on issues related to feed/food safety and welcomes the participation of other sectors.

We need your ideas, experience  and input for a better feed and food safety system implementation and certification, so let us hear from you.

Thank you.



For more information or questions, please contact:

Fulvio Pernice


Avenue des Arts 43 - Bruxelles

B 1040 Belgium


Tel: (+32)2 761 94 72

Mobile: (+32) 492 064406