EFISC and GTP Certified Companies

The following companies listed in the database are EFISC and/or GTP certified. Please select by sector organisation and country to facilitate your search.

EFISC unannounced audit programme (not applicable (N.A.) for GTP certified locations at this stage)

On top of the annual audit wthin the three year audit cycle, in line with ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/TS 22003 (food safety management system), EFISC certification includes an unannounced audit programme. 

All EFISC certified operators will participate in the unannounced audit programme, after selecting the random or mandatory unannounced audit module as described in the Rules of Certification, as indicated in the database below.

Feed/Food business operators     



Operator Site(s) Country Certificate valid until Unannounced
Scope Doc.
Atlantique Stockage Montoir de Bretagne France 17/05/2022 N.A. Storage of cereals, oilseeds and protein crops and their by-products, citrus meal, beat pulp, for animal feeds or human consumption.