• Sector document feed materials from biodiesel manufacturing now available  10/06/2013

    The European Feed Ingredients Safety Certification (EFISC) is pleased to announce that the European Biodiesel Board (EBB) has become an associated member. The EBB shares the strong commitment of the European starch and the vegetable oil and protein meal industry to manufacture safe feed for the European livestock production and the European consumer. Compliance with EFISC offers the necessary safety guarantee, providing harmonisation, trust and transparency within the EU internal market and so, facilitating the trade for the feed industry.

    The members of EBB produce biodiesel as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. As a co- product from that process extensive amounts of glycerine are produced which can be used for feed as well as technical purposes.

    The primary raw materials processed by the EU Biodiesel industry are rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil and palm oil. Under the scope of EFISC only glycerine produced with 100% vegetable oil is covered.

    In cooperation with the EBB feed safety experts and the EFISC technical committee a new sector document has been developed addressing the safe manufacturing of feed materials as a co- product of Biodiesel production. The document provides a generic tool to the biodiesel manufacturer and describes the products and processes, the potential hazards and the way to control them at the different manufacturing stages. As such it provides a solid basis for the operators own HACCP implementation and is to be used in combination with the EFISC Code to good practice.