• Revision of the Aflatoxin Code of good practice version 1.1- Reduction of the list of countries

    After careful evaluation of the risk level regarding Aflatoxin B1 in Maize for the harvest 2014 EFISC is pleased to publish a revised document with a shortened list of countries of origin with 100 % monitoring of the incoming maize.

    The basis for this change is the monitoring data collected and evaluated by the different feed certification scheme owners showing that the Aflatoxin B1 level of maize harvest in 2014 is normalised for the vast majority of countries.

    Therefore EFISC concluded the need to revise the Aflatoxin B1 protocol. As of today the 100 % monitoring of the incoming maize is only applicable for maize grown in Italy, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. The collected monitoring data of the incoming maize of these countries of origin did show a higher risk which justifies the continuation of the 100 % monitoring obligation for the incoming batches of these origins.

    For all other origins the operator has to define the adequate monitoring regime based on a risk assessment as described in the EFISC Code.

    The revised protocol will enter in to force immediately.

    Please find here the link to the revised document