• Revised Code of good practice for the monitoring of Mycotoxins in maize and their co-products thereof, version 2.0

    Implementation as of 21 September 2015 (with a transition period of four weeks)

    For the harvest 2015, the EFISC technical committee has revised the existing Aflatoxin protocol and expanded its scope to all Mycotoxins as well as redefined the requirements for the risk assessment, sampling and monitoring. At the basis for this process was a harmonization process with the other scheme owners as well as concerns about the increased levels of especially DON and ZEA found in the primary production.

    This revision provides the requirements for the risk assessment, sampling and monitoring of Mycotoxins in general and Aflatoxin B1 specifically in batches of incoming food grade maize and their co- products thereof, in order to strive for a harmonised EU-wide implementation.

    As EFISC, we are convinced that the maize starch manufacturer is in the best and most effective position to carry out the necessary risk assessment to guarantee the placing of safe feed materials on the market for the compound feed and livestock production.

    The protocol is mandatory for EFISC-certified maize starch manufacturers.

    EFISC has informed AIC, GMP+, GTP, OVOCOM and GTP of the publication of the protocol and its implementation as of 21 September.

    Please follow the link for the document.

    If you have any questions regarding the protocol please contact the EFISC Manager