• NEW- EFISC unannounced audit programme starting as of 15 February- inclusion in the EFISC database

    In addition to the three year audit cyclus with an annual audit, in line with ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/TS 22003, EFISC will start an unannounced audit programme (as of the 15 february 2015). All EFISC certified operators will participate in the unannounced audit programme.

    Howeverthere the operator has two options:

    a) Random unannounced audit programme. The Certification Body will randomly select around 5 % of the certified operator(s) annually and implement the necessary unannounced audits (5% in addition to operators participating in the mandatory unannounced audit programme).

    b) Mandatory unannounced audit programme for suppliers to QS and OVOCOM certified customers. QS and OVOCOM require feed material producers to have one unannounced audit in the three years as a pre-condition in order to be eligible to deliver into the QS or OVOCOM scheme.

    Important: the EFISC certified operator delivering into the QS and OVOCOM scheme will arrange as such with the certification body (the mandatory unannounced audit is a pre- condition for delivery in to the scheme!). Following the participation of the operator in the unannounced audit programme (random or mandatory) is indicated in the EFISC certification database 

    See for more information the relevant text in the EFISC Rules of Certification §7.1 b