• EFISC- Code version 3.1 of the European feed safety management system- implementation as of 15 February 2015

    Communication to EFISC certified companies- Quality and feed safety managers and Certification bodies

    Date: 8 January 2015

    Over the last year the EFISC feed safety management has been revised based on the evaluation process with the European Commission and the Member States, as well as our agreement with QS and OVOCOM to develop a module for unannounced audit. Therefore EFISC Aisbl is pleased to publish the new version of the EFISC Code version 3.1 and the Rules of Certification version 3.1.

    This step forward provides further improvement of the EFISC feed safety management certification system and a solid basis to further strengthen the confidence in EFISC certification. The EFISC version 3.1 will be applicable as of the 15 February 2015.

    What does the revision of the requirements means for the operator?

    There are a few changes in the Rules of certification. The main changes are the inclusion of the unannounced audit programme (§7.1 Rules of certification). Operators delivering feed materials to OVOCOM or QS certified operators have to register for the mandatory unannounced audit as a pre-condition for delivery with the certification body (one unannounced audit in the three years). All other operators participate in the random unannounced audit programme (5 % of the operators will be audited unannounced annually). The participation of the operator will be registered in the EFISC certification database (option (1) random of (2) mandatory).Furthermore a modification has been made to the determination of the audit time as well as the audit reporting.

    In the Code the scope has been modified in order to include the storage and transshipment of feed materials (for the operators production facility/ operators head-office own account). The requirements for storage and transshipment are formulated in §

    Please see the Annex for the full list of the changes made. You find the new documents here



    May I invite you to a live webinar on the revised version of the EFISC Code and Certification requirements on the 20 January, 14.00- 15.00 hrs? The webinar will be given in English. Please let me know if the date does not work for you and we fix another day and time.

    Please register for the webinar by sending an email to  and you will receive an invitation email with the login information.

    In case you have questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Peter Brattinga

    EFISC Manager