• EFISC third party certification scheme endorsed by European Co-operation for Accreditation  16/12/2013

    The EA established a policy, procedures and criteria by which sector specific schemes shall be evaluated with the view to harmonise the evaluation of sector specific schemes, seeking accreditation in Europe. EFISC was assessed against ISO/ IEC 17021 supplemented with ISO/TS 22003 (management system certification supplemented with food safety management system requirements) and the result of this two years evaluation was positive.

    The endorsement of the EFISC feed materials safety scheme provides the common platform for all European Accreditation Bodies to fully integrate EFISC in their services. Thus, all the EFISC authorised Certification Bodies will include EFISC under their accreditation. Through the accreditation process, EFISC ensures that all authorised Certification Bodies have to demonstrate to deliver a consistently reliable and impartial EFISC certification audit.

    Doing so, the endorsement of EFISC certification by the EA will further enhance the credibility of the EFISC scheme and strengthen the trust in EFISC certified feed materials to our customers, EU wide.