• EFISC Procedure for Feed Safety Incident and Crisis Management

    Preparing for crisis situations and responding appropriately to them is an important element of feed and food safety. Because feed safety has been a top issue internationally, both politically and commercially, and because serious incidents in the feed and food sector can occur, demonstrable assurance of feed safety has become a sales prerequisite. A (potential) disruption in one or more feed materials producing companies can have negative consequences for the whole feed and food chain. Decisive, structured and unambiguous respond and act - if necessary chain context - is desirable, both to prevent a disturbance and/ or minimize the impact of the incident.

    Therefore the EFISC Technical Committee has developed a “Feed Safety Incident and Crisis Management Procedure version 1.0 ” to be used in addition to the requirements in the EFISC Code §4.4.5 on crisis management.  The document contains the scenario for the adoption of measures and communication in the event of a feed safety incident and/or crisis. The starting point is the responsibility of the feed material operator, both for his business and industry as a whole. Action and communication shall be done in collaboration with other stakeholders in the feed chain. The procedure will be applicable as of the first of April 2014. You find the related documents here.

    In case you have any questions please contact the EFISC Manager Peter Brattinga.