• EFISC Alert: Palm Acid Oils (PAO) which contains palm oil mill effluent (POME)  09/12/2016

    EFISC was informed that there is a flow of feed ingredients coming from Asia, labelled as Palm Acid Oils (PAO) which contains palm oil mill effluent (POME).

    EFISC asks all EFISC certified companies and other in the feed chain to be alert to the sourcing and placing on the market of Palm Acid Oils (PAO) from Asia and ensure that the feed materials supplied complies with the specification of PAO in the EU Feed Catalogue.

    The use of POME as a feed (ingredient) is not in compliance with the EU Catalogue of Feed materials as well as the Feed Marketing Regulation.

    Acid oils are obtained from chemical refining of crude fats & oils. The description of acid oils from chemical refining in the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials (Commission Regulation 68/2013), entry 13.6.1 states as follows: "Product obtained during the de-acidification of oils and fats of vegetable or animal origin by means of alkali, followed by an acidulation with subsequent separation of the aqueous phase, containing free fatty acids, oils or fats and natural components of seeds, fruits or animal tissues such as mono-, and diglycerides, lecithin and fibres." POME as such, or oil & fat products containing POME, cannot be qualified as an acid oil and hence cannot be labelled as such.

    Furthermore the EU has forbidden the use of products obtained from waste water for use in feed (Feed Marketing Regulation EC 767/2009, Annex III, 1.1). POME is the waste water discharged from the palm oil mill, originating notably from the sterilization process of the palm bunches.

    In the framework of collaboration with other feed safety assurance schemes in the Netherlands; Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom (GMP+, GTP, Ovocom, QS, FEMAS - AIC) and the Dutch SecureFeed, we intend to harmonize our activities. The mentioned feed certification schemes and EFISC will work together with the involved oils & fats organisations, on proper uniform supplementary control measures which enable to secure the assurance of feed safety and feed integrity of refinery by-products including palm acid oils.