• Alert- increased levels of DON and ZEA in soya beans coming from Argentina  01/07/2016

    Notification to EFISC certified operators 

    Caused by the extreme wet season higher levels of DON and Zea are found in soya beans from Argentina. No higher results have been observed for soya beans coming from Brazil.

    Although there are no limits for DON and ZEA in feed materials for further processing, guidance values have been defined in Commission Recommendation 2006/576/EC for the compound feed and feed materials for direct feeding.


    In order to address this requirement of your customers it is recommended to increase the monitoring frequency and collect data in order to make a risk assessment of the situation and take the necessary control measures to ensure the placing of safe feed on the market.

    It affects potentially the following products; soya hulls and soya hull pellets with the country of origin Argentina.


    Brussels, 1 July 2016