EFISC-GTP stakeholder consultation

Launch of a stakeholder consultation on EFISC-GTP documents - European Feed and Food Ingredient Safety Certification

Objective of the consultation

This stakeholder consultation is designed to receive feedback on the  EFISC-GTP certificate system in order to take into account the needs and expectations of the feed/food chain as well as other certification schemes under the mutual recognition, while respecting the requirements as defined in the related feed/food EU and National legislation, ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and ISO/TS 22003:2013 and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) requirements, in order to ensure the placing of safe feed and food ingredients on the market. 

The objective is to ensure that organisations and other stakeholders in the feed/food chain have the possibility to access relevant documents to review and comment on the EFISC-GTP version 4.0 certification scheme and its new sector document on the collection, storage, trade and transport of safe feed/food ingredients. 

Based on the experience in applying EFISC scheme version 3 and the GTP scheme Version 3.A during the past years and considering the expectations of major stakeholders (among which authorities and industry), EFISC-GTP has implemented several changes to improve consistency and stringency. 

Some of the key changes include new requirements for:  

  • Feed/food fraud assessment
  • Segregation of certified, non-certified, food and feed
  • Sector document for trading, collection, transport and storage (COCERAL-GTP)
  • Inclusion of risk assessments for the COCERAL-GTP sector document
  • Including the requirements for scope G and F in the rules of certification in line with ISO/TS 22003

Language: documents are in English. Responses are to be provided in English. 

Consultation period: start 2 May 2017, closing date 15 June 2017

Please find below supporting comparison tables for the assessment;